What To Do with the New Year: Wellness

What To Do with the New Year: Wellness

A frequent problem that most of us deal with is stress. Being in a continuous state of stress is bad for us; it impacts physical and mental health, as well as our overall happiness. Yet, not many people can say they don’t experience stress – it’s part of the human condition. For improved wellness in 2023, let’s look at some things we can do to cope with stress in our lives.

Anticipate Stress: It’s not like we don’t know it’s coming. Why not have a special routine in place for the bad days? Save a good book, magazine , or music to relax with when you come home. Brew some tea, coffee or cocoa,  and set aside a quiet place to heal from your day. Explain to those around you that you need a little time alone and that you love them just like always. Then use that time, not to worry about things, but to decompress and experience peace.

Exercise: Probably the last thing we want to do when we’re worried or depressed, right? But it’s one of the best ways to quickly end bad feelings. You don’t have to have a gym membership or be a champion runner. You need to get out of your day for a while. Yoga can be done in a quiet place in your home. And walking our pets makes us all happy. Just do it!

Affirmations:  Ok, really? Really. We don’t always realize how negatively we talk (think) to ourselves on a daily basis. This year, make it a habit to think of one great thing about yourself every week. The remind yourself of it daily. I am a kind person. I am smart. Let that truth sink in.

Be of Service to Others: Nothing good comes from worry. But lots of good comes when you help someone else, including leaving your own troubles behind for a while. Drop by a senior center to chat. Go to a meeting with someone who is struggling with recovery. Or surprise a neighbor with some home-baked cookies. It’s all about the good feeling that comes from being helpful.

And if you need help with recovery, call L.A. CADA at (562) 906-2676. We’re here for you in 2023!

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