What To Do with the New Year: Mental Health in 2023

What To Do with the New Year: Mental Health in 2023

How do we even know if we are mentally healthy? It turns out that there are actual signs. Here are some of them.

You understand that variations in mental health are normal. Not many of us have 365 good days every year. Good mental health means that we enjoy the better days and get over the other ones. Overcoming challenges is what increases our resilience and helps us grow.

You don’t let negative emotions linger. It helps to let bad experiences pass over us like ocean waves. Acknowledge them, certainly — stuffing feelings down deep inside isn’t good for us. But know that tomorrow can be a better day. Resolve to intentionally experience happiness, love, joy, and compassion.

You have a sense of belonging. Maybe your family isn’t the one you would have chosen for yourself. But we can choose our friends and companions. Work to find a group, meeting, or place where you feel welcome and accepted. Feeling connected to a higher power works for many of us in recovery. 

You can say no to people. People like us better when we do exactly what they want. But that’s not the best way to make ourselves feel good. Practice saying no to others, define your boundaries, and feel comfortable standing up for yourself.  When we learn how to not feel shame or guilt by calmly expressing our needs, we learn how to be at spiritual peace.

You participate in activities that bring you joy. We have to work. We have to clean our home. We have to do a lot of things to make life flow. But mentally healthy people work to include daily activities that make them happy. If cooking is your thing, make time for it. Buy yourself some flowers. Or set aside time to play with the kids, exercise, or do a hobby. Living this way helps us experience a little bit of joy in every day.

If one of the things you want to do in 2023 is improve your mental health, L.A. CADA can help. We provide nonprofit counseling for behavioral health issues. Call us at (562) 906-2676.

And if you need help with recovery, call L.A. CADA at (562) 906-2676. We’re here for you in 2023!

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