There’s An App for That . . .

There’s An App for That . . .

Recovery app software can’t replace treatment, but it does fill a large gap in access to care. Over 20 million people in America have a substance use disorder, but less than 4 million receive treatment for it. In an ideal world, every person could have as much time as they need with a specialist counselor and peers in recovery. However, we still have a long way to go to reach that reality.


In recovery, our path often includes long, lonely hours struggling to stay clean and sober. During those times, digital tools like Smartphone apps can help. This became evident during the COVID-19 pandemic as peer support groups and behavioral health counselors moved their services online. Fortunately, now people with substance use and mental health disorders have a new tool to help them manage cravings, symptoms, and feelings.


Here are some apps that L.A. CADA likes:

  • Sober Grid.  This social networking app is like Snapchat and Facebook, but it’s specifically designed for people in recovery. Thousands of people have downloaded it so far and we can see why. Sober Grid offers 24/7 live peer coaching with certified and trained peer coaches ready to provide you with constant live support.
  • MindShiftCBT. This app was created to provide anxiety relief using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Check this one out for include short meditations, thought journals, coping cards, and activities to face fears and change negative beliefs.
  • I Am Sober. This is free sobriety tracking app that helps you stay motivated by keeping track of the time – down to the second – you’ve been sober. Many apps come with a sobriety tracker, but I Am Sober has the best, most user-friendly sobriety tracking feature. This app also tells you how much money you’ve saved in the time you’ve been sober.
  • SoberWorx. This is a directory app that helps people battling substance use disorders (and their loved ones) to find treatment providers in their area. You locate local counselors, treatment facilities, and sober living homes.
  • Recovery Today. This is one of the top digital magazines for the addiction recovery community. Using Recovery Today, you can access every issue with their e-zine, including inspirational and helpful content about addiction and recovery and real life success stories.

And remember, L.A. CADA provides real, live treatment. Call us at (562) 906-2676.

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