The long haul, holding the course with Covid-19 in Los Angeles.

The long haul, holding the course with Covid-19 in Los Angeles.

As Long Beach and LA County creep closer to reopening, holding the course – maintaining social distancing, diligent hand-washing, and mask-wearing – are the only routes to moving forward.

Los Angeles is working hard, as both its citizens and its government looks at creative ways to normalize life while keeping the spread of the virus in check.

Some businesses in Los Angeles have thrived during the pandemic. Bodegas and grocery stores – essential businesses and key for people weathering shutdowns and self-imposed isolations – saw nearly 40% increase in revenue.

Creativity and Consistency

On August 17th, to assist businesses in the Pine Avenue area of Long Beach, the city closed off the streets allowing restaurants and retail establishments to spill out onto the sidewalks. They created a corridor-wide enough to enable visitors to feel comfortable patronizing restaurants, retail stores, fitness, and personal care businesses. By keeping to strict social distancing standards and masks wearing, small businesses are adapting and enjoying the new opportunities to shop, dine, and exercise.

Even with large events and gatherings closed, Los Angeles residents find ways to enjoy their community and the arts finding unique solutions to keeping the soul of the community fed. The latest offering, a “pop-up” concert from Block X Block, which brought a free classical music concert to the streets.

Reopening can only continue in Los Angeles if all residents, businesses, and visitors continue adhering to the new normal. The county and the city must continue to meet and exceed the six indicators required for reopening and not backslide.

L.A. CADA is proud to be a part of effectively controlling the spread during this global COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring that masks are always available along with maintaining social distancing in order to ensure COVID-19 safety guidelines.


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