The L.A. CADA Recovery Bridge Housing Program

The L.A. CADA Recovery Bridge Housing Program

L.A. CADA at the ART House and START House have been conceptualized to meet the needs of populations who have marginalized sex characteristics, sexual orientation, and/or gender identities(i.e. LGBTQ). Ensuring a home environment which is consciously trauma-informed, intentionally affirming of the multiple, often intersecting, identities, and encouraging artistic/creative self-expression.

Located close to public transportation, health services, and green space. L.A. CADA at the ART House sits on a large lot where residents can recuperate and address implicit/subconscious bias, shame and internalized-isms away from the broader, more oppressive, culture. L.A. CADA at the ART House encourages art and creativity and is committed to providing internal work critical to recovery and increased well-being.

In affirming its vision to “foster an artistically freeing environment,” the ART House partners with the Pasadena Society of Artist in joint events, including ART House Lawn Art supporting both the local recovery and Northwest Pasadena artistic communities.

On a recent Saturday, START HOUSE residents enjoyed a socially distant hike. The Recovery Bridge Housing Program works hard to bring peace of mind, tranquility, happiness, and hope to their participants.

ART and START House provide Recovery Bridge Housing for individuals in outpatient treatment for substance-related issues. On average participants stay up to 90-days and can request additional stay up to 90 days. All residents are provided guidance maneuvering through the Coordinated Entry System (CES) to secure permanent housing before their stay completes.

ART House has collaborated with Van Ness House in developing identity-affirming policies and culturally appropriate procedures.

By focusing on whole-person safety and creating supportive communities that celebrate diversity, ART House assists individuals receiving treatment since opening in 2017.

As a peer-supported program, ART House is invested in social justice and building healthy communities. Working towards this end, they have partnered with The 12-Step Institute. Its mission is to remove the stigma of addiction/recovery and to invest in continual improvements to the 12-step model.

Recovery is an ongoing process. By bringing individuals together under the same roof and supporting each other through the process, RBH achieves its vision of providing a peer-supported environment that aids recovery and builds community.


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