The Hidden Blessings of Valentine’s Day: How to Enjoy the Holiday Single and Sober

The Hidden Blessings of Valentine’s Day: How to Enjoy the Holiday Single and Sober

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For many of us who are single and sober, it may not seem like there’s much to celebrate on Cupid’s holiday. However, spending Valentine’s Day alone can actually be a beautiful blessing in disguise. Read on to discover three ways to enjoy a single, sober Valentine’s Day.


Host a Pal-entine’s Day
If you prefer to spend holidays with others, make this Valentine’s Day about your gals or pals. Get a best friend or your whole tribe together for a sober celebration of your friendship. Share a meal, relive the glory days, and encourage each other in your endeavors. Just because you’re single does not mean you are alone!


Treat Yourself
One of the best ways to spend a Valentine’s Day is to treat yourself in a special, sober way. If you are particularly stressed this time of year, make an appointment to relax with a spa treatment, massage, or new haircut. If you need to spice up your life, invest in learning something you’ve always wanted to try like watercolor, rock climbing, or a new language. If you have a favorite hobby, treat yourself to new equipment or spend the day enjoying your favorite passions.


Rejoice in Self-Love
Valentine’s Day is not just about your love for others. Transform this “couple’s” holiday into a celebration of your accomplishments, passions, and love for yourself. We don’t often focus on the ways in which we make ourselves proud, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse. Seek out a beautiful artisan greeting card and write yourself a loving letter about the things you admire about yourself and how beautiful your goals and dreams for the future. Alternatively, buy yourself a new journal to dedicate to writing down your good qualities and accomplishments.

Celebrate Love of Life
Don’t let the tensions of Valentine’s Day creep up on you this year. Instead of dreading the holiday, consider all the ways you can reflect on love in general. Take this time to focus on how much love you have in your life from family, friends, pets, and yourself. What do you love about life itself? How will you be able to love even more in the coming year with the strength of sobriety by your side? However you decide to spend the holiday, remember that you are surrounded with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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