Proud and Sober

Proud and Sober

L.A. CADA salutes the sober LGBT+ community of L.A. County! We know it’s not easy to recover. Discrimination against LGBTQ+ people is associated with high rates of psychiatric disorders, substance use, and suicide. The anxiety and depression that come from daily battles with bias, stigma, and rejection contributes to high rates of behavioral health disorders for non-gender-conforming people. Alcohol and drugs are used as a way to cope with painful issues. The lack of culturally competent LGBTQ+ care is another contributing factor in substance use for people of color.  

The month of June is designated as Gay Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots of 1969 because they marked the start of the gay rights movement. The general public, as well as LGBTQ+ persons, often think Pride is often synonymous with drinking, drugs, and parties. We’ve all seen the street festivals and excessive substance use associated with these parties. 

As sober LGBTQ+ people and allies, we have to alter that image. We can celebrate our PRIDE without endangering our lives through relapse because being proud extends to our recovery. There are L.A. County celebrations just for us. Why not check out the event being held on June 19th, 2022 by our community partner In the Meantime, at the Carl Bean House “Doing it for the Culture” (call AMAAD Watts at 323-569-1610 for information).

Another tip is to start or end your day with a peer support meeting. L.A. CADA has LGBTQ+ 12 Step groups, and there are many more in the community. Bring a friend who needs to hear the message. You can also hold your own Sober PRIDE party. Instead of alcohol, have a contest for who can create the best non-alcoholic summer mocktail. Throw a costume party to show who you are in recovery. 

And remember to take June 2022 one day at a time. Have an exit strategy for times when you feel your sobriety is in danger. Take planned time out for meditation, journaling, or a quiet walk when you feel stressed.  Contemplate what you are grateful for each morning  as you wake up.

  1. CADA is an LGBTQ+ supporting treatment agency. If you know someone who wants help, call us at (562) 906-2676.

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