Preventing Drunk & Drugged Driving

Preventing Drunk & Drugged Driving

Even with an ongoing pandemic, it’s likely that December 2021 will still mean holiday parties, eating out, and get-togethers – usually with alcohol. That’s why this month was chosen as an awareness time for National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention – also known as National 3D Prevention Month.

Whether you drive buzzed, drunk, or high, you’re committing the crime of impaired driving. We all know that our ability to operate a vehicle is impaired by the effects of illegal drugs, prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, and a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08 grams per deciliter or higher. So, don’t make the mistake of getting behind the wheel – not even “just this one time”. It could cost you or someone else their life. Not to mention that

Here are some facts about alcohol and drug impaired driving in L.A. County:

  • The average cost of a DUI in Southern California is $15,649


  • Cities with the highest rates of annual alcohol/drug-related car deaths include: Paramount (number 1 in L.A. County), Compton, Lynwood, Huntington Park, Inglewood, and Bellflower
  • Approximately 35% of county residents ages 18-25 said they binge drank in the past 30 days and 6% of youth ages 12-17 said they did


  • A. County DUI arrests rates are highest for Blacks and Latinos


  • The number of alcohol-related emergency room visits and hospitalizations in L.A. County increased 117% from 2006 to 2017


  • For people admitted to treatment programs in L.A. County, 48% drank and also used drugs (marijuana was most common, closely followed by meth)


Don’t drive if you are impaired by alcohol or drugs. And don’t let your friends do it. Be here for 2022; tis the season to be a designated driver or call a car service such as Uber.

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