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Pregnant and Postpartum Women and Children Program (PPW)

At L.A. CADA, our Pregnant and Postpartum Women and Children Program (PPW) stands as a beacon of support for high-risk and traditionally underserved pregnant and postpartum women, along with their families. We recognize the immense challenges faced during this delicate period, and our dedicated team is wholly committed to aiding these women in navigating the intricacies of motherhood and family dynamics. Our core belief is that every family deserves a chance at unity, love, and stability. Our program emphasizes reunification, ensuring that families are given the resources and guidance they need to forge stronger bonds and thrive together.

In addition to the hands-on assistance we provide, we place significant importance on fostering community connections. We believe that a well-connected community serves as an invaluable safety net, offering both tangible and emotional support during trying times. Our PPW program actively bridges the gaps between these women and community resources, ensuring that they are not only aware of but can also readily access local support systems. Through these initiatives, we aim to cultivate a nurturing environment, promoting healthy family functioning and empowering families to flourish in unity and harmony.