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Homeless Outreach Services

L.A. CADA's homeless outreach services prioritize direct engagement with those experiencing homelessness, providing them with crucial support and resources. Specialized teams conduct street outreach in areas frequented by the homeless, offering immediate assistance, determining their needs, and sharing information about available resources. They supply essentials such as food, water, clothing, hygiene products, and bedding. Beyond immediate relief, the outreach teams guide these individuals to suitable shelters, healthcare services, and essential substance use treatments. Additionally, L.A. CADA extends housing assistance, aiding people in navigating the intricacies of securing either temporary or permanent housing and linking them to financial resources.

A cornerstone of L.A. CADA's approach is treating every individual they encounter with dignity and respect, believing that this is the foundation for building trust with those experiencing homelessness. Our philosophy includes leaving no stone unturned when aiding individuals in a system that might not always provide swift solutions. L.A. CADA champions policy reforms, accentuating the need for community involvement and systematic strategies to tackle homelessness's underlying causes. The agency's distinct approach—recognizing and valuing the worth of every human being—truly sets us apart in our mission to uplift individuals from homelessness.