Mental Health Treatment

Mental health treatment involves helping people who have emotional, psychological, or behavioral problems. It begins with understanding the problem, often through conversations with a therapist or through evaluations and assessments. Treatment includes a variety of methods. One common approach is therapy, where individuals talk with a therapist to work through their issues. Medication may also be used, especially for conditions like severe anxiety or depression. Therapy isn't always one-on-one; sometimes, people join groups to share and solve their problems together. There's also a focus on changing unhealthy behaviors and adopting healthier lifestyles, like regular exercise and better eating habits. For more serious or immediate problems, there are special services to provide quick help. The treatment might also include learning or re-learning key life skills, particularly after a major health crisis. Keeping up with regular therapy sessions or support groups is important to maintain progress. The best results usually come when the person actively participates in their treatment alongside their healthcare provider.

  • Safe Haven - Safe Haven is a Crisis Residential Treatment Program (CRTP) designed to assist individuals experiencing severe mental health challenges and difficulties in handling everyday tasks. This program provides brief yet intensive support in a comforting, home-like setting. The main goal is to aid individuals in enhancing their life management skills and improving overall mental well-being. Participants in Safe Haven learn self-help techniques and gain support from peers. They engage in various activities, both individually and in groups, to develop their social skills. The program offers medication management and addresses any co-occurring disorders. It also focuses on equipping individuals with pre-vocational and educational skills, along with creating a plan for transitioning out of the program and moving forward with their lives.
  • Assertive Community Treatment - The ACT Team operates under a comprehensive, team-based approach delivering flexible and intensive mental health services in the community. This program is specially designed for individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia spectrum disorders. The primary objective of ACT is to support these individuals in living independently and attaining their personal goals within their own communities, thereby reducing the need for hospitalization.
  • The Wellness Center - The Wellness Center is a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, known for providing comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services. It maintains high standards in quality and accessibility, with a team of therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists offering a range of treatments. Dedicated to serving the community, the center ensures its services are accessible to all, focusing on both treatment and preventive care. This client-centered approach aims to empower individuals towards better mental health and well-being.