Live Healthier in 2020 with MyPlate

Live Healthier in 2020 with MyPlate

Are you ready to finally achieve the health you’ve dreamed of? With the start of a new year and a new decade, many people are choosing to make better choices to live healthier. It’s always a good time to make small, simple changes for a healthier lifestyle. MyPlate offers easy to follow suggestions to take on 2020 and be healthier than ever before!


What to Eat
Taste the rainbow.
Healthy foods often come in bright, beautiful colors. Focus on fruits and vegetables to make up at least half of your daily diet. Add in whole grains and healthy meats in smaller portions. 

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and cook your own food.
Most foods in the center aisles are highly processed and unhealthy. The perimeters offer foods like vegetables, fruits, meats, seafoods, and whole grains. Try to buy mostly whole and unprocessed foods and cook at home. Need some inspiration? Check out these MyPlate recipes.

Choose whole.
Whole grains have important nutrients that processed grains do not. Aim to make at least half of the grains you eat whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat, oats, quinoa, and more. 


What to Drink

Keep it simple.
Simple beverages like water and herbal teas are the best for our bodies. We need to drink enough clean water daily to keep our cells healthy and our organs functioning properly. For most people, this is about 6 – 8 glasses.
Drinks to ditch.
Try to avoid drinking alcohol, sugary sodas, and excessive amounts of dairy. These beverages should be treated as treats, not daily drinks. When choosing dairy, try out low-fat or fat-free versions of your favorite milks and yogurts.


What to Do
Make tiny changes.
Even small habits add up big time. Start with something simple, like waking up on time each day or starting a gratitude journal. Work up to your bigger goals with small, achievable steps. 

Move it.
Aim to exercise for at least 120 minutes per week, or about 20 minutes per day. Walk, run, hike, or dance! Do anything that you enjoy that gets you moving. Exercise is key for a healthy lifestyle.  

2020: Your Best Year Yet
With a few simple diet and lifestyle changes, 2020 could easily be your healthiest year yet. If you have started the year off on a good foot, keep up the good work! If you are just now getting motivated to get healthier this year, welcome aboard! This year, MyPlate can help you use your power to make positive changes in your health and life.

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