Karen R. – And the daily fight to get her life back.

Karen R. – And the daily fight to get her life back.

My name is Karen R. I have a younger sister and older sibling, making me the middle child. My childhood was okay, different because I was first-generation Mexican/American. I went to school and finished school through a continuation high school.


After high school I started using. After some time my life began to crumble. I realized that there was nothing more for me in the streets. I was losing my kids, my family, and myself. I was fighting daily. I had many problems that were out of my control. I was just tired. I had no self-esteem and I allowed myself to live a life where I was physically and mentally abused. The sad thing is that I was ok with it. At times I would think about getting into a program, but couldn’t put myself in one. It was then, I hit rock bottom, and I needed to make some changes in my life. I realized I had nothing and lost everything in my life before I surrendered.


I finally decided to come to L.A. CADA. I can honestly say that I enjoyed learning from all the staff that were in my corner from the start. My Outpatient counselor, William, has been with me from the start and has guided me through my whole experience. Everyone at Outpatient has been supportive. Also, the staff from the Alice’s House: Maria (my therapist), Maricela, Ms. Sandra.


I enjoyed the groups, because I was able to relate and share my experiences with no judgement. I also enjoyed talking to staff. They always motivated me and saw my potential. They drove me to see what I couldn’t see in myself.


I want to continue my education at Rio Hondo College in Drug Studies and later major in psychology. I also want to work on myself and career, raise my daughter, and build a foundation for my family. I’m interested in my education, my career of choice, which is Drug Studies. I want to be part of my family’s lives, build a relationship with my kids, and raise my daughter.

I want to become a substance abuse counselor and one day give back to those who are dealing life like I once did.


Thank you L.A. CADA!


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