Fee For Service Groups

L.A. CADA provides a range of specialized fee-for-service groups, each designed to address specific issues and needs:

  • Drug Testing: This service is essential for monitoring sobriety and ensuring compliance with various personal or legal requirements. Our comprehensive drug testing program is designed to support recovery and maintain accountability.
  • Domestic Violence: We offer specialized groups focused on addressing and preventing domestic violence. These sessions provide education, support, and strategies for both survivors and those seeking to change their behavior.
  • Intimate Partner Violence: Similar to our domestic violence groups, these sessions specifically focus on violence occurring within intimate relationships. We aim to create a safe space for discussing, understanding, and resolving issues related to intimate partner violence.
  • Anger Management: Our anger management groups are designed to help individuals understand and control their anger. These sessions teach effective coping mechanisms, communication skills, and strategies for managing emotional responses in a healthy way.
  • Parenting: Recognizing the challenges of parenting, our groups offer guidance and support for parents. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, from basic childcare to complex issues like parenting in the context of substance abuse recovery or after experiencing domestic violence. Each of these groups is facilitated by experienced professionals and tailored to provide the most effective support and resources for our clients.