A Beautiful Butterfly – youth success story

A Beautiful Butterfly – youth success story

A Beautiful Butterfly

The L.A.CADA Youth Program has done everything they could to guide me so that I succeeded in my recovery. They helped me during my process of going from a larva in a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly. When a larva is in their cocoon, they make mistakes, they mess up and try new things, without foreseeing how it could affect them when they become a butterfly.  L.A.CADA has seen butterflies that have broken wings. Butterflies that get trapped because they let themselves be trapped. Some butterflies can’t help themselves. I know that being in the L.A.CADA program ensured that I would have big wings as I transition into an independent butterfly.

What motivated me to thrive for success and to stay out of harm’s way, was the wonderful gift cards for my participation and having fun at events L.A.CADA welcomed me to. What motivated me most was my counselor: the relationship we had built and the help and support she was able (and is able to give me) is unlike no other. I can’t say that about other drug prevention programs or correctional facilities. Most larva that are in their cocoons don’t realize the help and the support that L.A.CADA is trying to give them. Then what happens when they become butterflies?  They can’t fly, either that or they stay trapped in their cocoons (and stay addicted). But it’s way more than that. Who would’ve thought that a drug program would help me find a driver’s education class so that I can finally learn to drive?  L.A.CADA means so much to me and I’m glad I got caught, because God wanted me to go through this program.


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