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L.A. CADA Headquarters

L.A. CADA Headquarters


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Programs Overview:


CalWORKs stands for California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids. It is a statewide welfare program to provide financial aid and services to needy California families. Those eligible for this assistance are children of families who are alone at home due to parental absence, families with children when the main earner is unemployed and caretaker relatives of a foster child or children. The main purpose of the program is to get our clients into school, work, and give them life skills to be productive members of society.

Anger Management 26 weeks

Evidence based curriculum that teaches skills to safely manage anger.

Outpatient Treatment: 6-9months

Outpatient Treatment services vary in intensity and duration. There are morning, afternoon, and evening activities. Our professional staff helps each client develop a treatment plan that best fits their individual needs. Our outpatient treatment program consists of educational groups, process groups, gender responsive groups as well as individual and family counseling.

Domestic Violence Batterers 52-week program

For Male and Female Offenders (Spanish and English) L.A. CADA’s 52-week Batterers Program includes groups and classes facilitated by Certified Domestic Violence Counselors. We offer a probation approved, gender-responsive program for male and female offenders.

Domestic Violence for Victims: 24 weeks

For Male and Female Offenders (Spanish and English) L.A. CADA offers services for the victims of past or current domestic violence that includes assistance with trauma issues. This is a 24 week program facilitated by a professional Female Certified Domestic Violence Counselor.

Parenting: 52 weeks

L.A. CADA offers a 52-week parenting program which is Probation- approved. It addresses parenting, anger management, and domestic violence within the weekly sessions. Participants also receive 6 individual sessions during their 52 weeks with a certified counselor.

Parenting: 12 weeks

L.A. CADA offers a 12-week parenting class that is open to couples as well as individuals.

Drug Diversion and Education (Deferred Entry of Judgment-PC1000)

L.A. CADA offers a 5-6 month, court- ordered program which includes half lecture and half group as well as urinalysis testing to meet all court requirements.

Drug Counseling (11550c) 6-months

L.A. CADA offers a 6 month court ordered program which includes half lecture and half group as well as urinalysis testing to meet all court requirements.

Parent Support Group

Parent support group is offered in English and Spanish every FIRST and LAST Saturday of the month. Meetings are free, confidential, and anonymous. Here you will find: a safe place to vent, other parents who know how you feel, and emotional support.

HIV/AIDS Education and Testing

This is a court approved HIV 101 education class available for a small fee which includes information, education and support in order to prevent the risk of people transmitting or acquiring HIV/AIDS.

Prevention HISTORIAS Program

“HISTORIAS” stands for How Individuals Share Their Old Risks In A Story. The stories we are currently looking for are those coming from the “Non-Gay Identified Latino Male” who has already realized his risks for HIV/AIDS and has begun to make some changes to lower his risk and the risks of his partners. It is the hope of the intervention that sharing these stories with others in that same population will lead others to change as well. In addition to looking for individuals to share their stories the “HISTORIAS” staff is also looking for individuals to give out the stories to other Latino Males.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders

We have licensed and supervised professional staff on site to provide mental health evaluations, therapy and medication management. Treatment is integrated and trauma-informed.

J.W.C.H. Medical Services

Wesley Health Services are available in the building and operate on Thursdays. For more information please call 1-866-733-5921.

Wellness Center

Space for self-help and support groups. 
To reserve space for your group or for a current schedule of activities.
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