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How Allen House Saved A Life


When Ken first arrived at the Allen House, he was partially clothed, wearing shoes without soles, and rocking back and forth as, in his words, he “talked to Jesus.” At the time, Ken was generally unaware of his mental illness and relied on meth, marijuana, and alcohol as a form of self-medicating. Given the severity of his mental illness, we first sought to stabilize Ken by getting him medical attention. Once this was accomplished, he immediately showed drastic physical, social, and intellectual improvement.

His personal hygiene improved dramatically, he became very sociable, and his conversation skills improved significantly. By working with licensed therapists and counselors during his time at the Allen House, Ken completed our Intensive Residential Treatment Program. He was able to fully participate in Relapse Prevention, Addiction Education, and Anger Management, plus various 12-Step activities. He learned and effectively deployed numerous skills to help him cope with his mental illness without resorting to drugs or alcohol, and very cooperative and disciplined in his treatment. He came to be seen as a role model to peers and staff alike, successfully completing the program in a mere six months.

Since then, Ken has been taking classes at a community college where he’s experienced great academic success. From conversations with Ken, I understand that he is currently maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Most importantly, since receiving proper medical treatment for his schizophrenia, he has maintained his sobriety without relapse, in large part due to his regular attendance at AA meetings. An additional source for successful maintenance is his participation in the Allen House Alumni Association where he often comes in order to be of service to others who are struggling with addiction and mental health concerns.

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