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Tips For Staying Sober in Social Situations

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Life is not canceled when you’re on your path to recovery. No matter how long you’re sober, at some point, you’re going to have to enter social situations in which you may be tempted. You may be invited to weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and many other events in which alcohol is usually present. These situations could be awkward, especially if others don’t know your situation. But if you are prepared you can fight the temptation and awkwardness.

1. Invite a sober friend

Often times we drink at social events to take the edge off of not knowing anyone. If you’re really worried about not knowing anyone or everyone around you drinking, invite a plus one that will be your safety net. Having someone there who is supporting you and that can rely on will help you get through the event. As you attend more events sober, the easier they become. Usually, the first one is the hardest.

2. Drink non-alcoholic beverages or mocktails

Sometimes the most awkward part of a social situation is walking around without a drink in your hand as you mingle. It can also be awkward when you have everyone asking you if you need a drink or why you’re not drinking. You can drink plenty of water, juice, soda, or a virgin cocktail so you can avoid feeling like you’re sticking out like a sore thumb, no one will ever know.

3. Be the designated driver

If you have to drive to the event, offer to be the designated driver. This will help you answer questions about why you’re not drinking. Also, this will give you a sense of purpose for staying sober for the night, knowing someone else is relying on you.

4. Be prepared with an answer

Although you may find ways to avoid answering why you’re not drinking, you never know who is going to ask you. In some situations, you may feel comfortable answering them honestly, but this can be uncomfortable for some, especially when they are meeting the person for the first time. There are plenty of answers you can give, from wanting to be healthier, to wanting to drive home sober, or you need to wake up early. There is nothing wrong with giving someone a lighter answer in this situation.

5. Have a backup plan

It’s best to have someone on hand that you can call if you start feeling uncomfortable and tempted to drink. This can be a friend, family member, or a sponsor that you can trust. Talking with them may help you calm down and return to the party. If you’re still not feeling right, have an excuse ready so you can leave early. No social event is worth your sobriety.