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10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Beat Addiction

Addiction affects all people equally. It does not discriminate against color, gender, orientation, or religion. It does not care about fame or money. As a society, we have an obsession with celebrities, their addictions, and their downfall. But fortunately, many of these celebrities are able to overcome their addiction with the right treatment.

Here are 10 celebrities you may not know who overcame addiction:


Michael Phelps

After two DUI arrests and a leaked photo of him smoking marijuana, Phelps checked himself into rehab in 2014. After announcing his retirement in 2012, Phelps experienced dark days in which he no longer wished to live. After years of struggling, he made a change. He got clean and went on to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games where he made history.


Drew Barrymore

As a child star, Barrymore was headed down the same path that so many other young stars have traveled. At a very young age, she became addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. She had her first drink at 9, started smoking marijuana at 10, and took up cocaine by 12. At 14, Barrymore entered rehab and has been clean and sober ever since.


Daniel Radcliffe

Many did not know that the Harry Potter actor went through a battle with addiction to alcohol during the filming of the famous wizard movies. Radcliffe admitted to showing up to set drunk. He realized this was threatening his career and took action. He sought treatment for his addiction and has remained sober. 



Before her role in the Black Eyed Peas that launched her into fame, Fergie was part of another group, Wild Orchid. She was forced to leave the group and seek treatment for her drug addiction. After getting clean, she joined the Black Eyed Peas in 2003.


Demi Lovato

Not only did the young singer and actress struggle with an eating disorder and self-harm, she also battled an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Lovato began treatment in 2010 and maintained sobriety while also maintaining a successful career.


Sir Elton John

In his early career, John was so naive about drugs he didn’t even know what a joint was. But soon after, he quickly became addicted to cocaine. He said he used cocaine to deal with his shyness that plagued him offstage. John became clean after the realization that he needed to quit his addiction or he was going to die. He said it took him 16 years to say the words “I need help.” John has been sober for over 25 years now.


Oprah Winfrey

Who would have known the media queen who is known to inspire others would have had a history with drug addiction. Winfrey admits she was addicted to crack cocaine in her 20s before her massively successful TV show. She overcame her addiction and kept it a secret for years, but has since shared her story to help others.


Angelina Jolie

While Jolie hasn’t gone into too much detail of her drug abuse, she has been open about the level of destruction it was. Admitting to abusing cocaine and heroin, Jolie says she shouldn’t be here today. She has since been able to stay clean and sober thanks to her family.


Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson, one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, was addicted to cocaine and heroin a few decades back. He has said he came close to death and admitted to overdosing several times. He went to rehab in 1991 and has been sober ever since.


Kelly Osbourne

Being the daughter of rock star and drug abusing father, Ozzy Osbourne, it’s not surprising that Kelly developed an addiction to drugs. Addicted to painkillers, she was taking up to 50 pills a day and in and out of rehab. Kelly finally got clean in 2009 and was able to beat her addiction, lose 50 pounds, and launch a successful career.