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Our Goals:

L.A. CADA’s mission is to save lives, unite families, and protect the community by providing addiction counseling and healthy living education.

We strive to attain excellence!

An Excellent Path to Recovery and Wellness
Excellent Partnerships
An Excellent Place to Work


What We Do:

We help people to:

Stop substance abuse
Gain an active recovery program
Learn skills for relapse prevention
Protect themselves from HIV/STD infection and transmission
Get needed medical treatment and maintain good physical health


Mission, Vision, and Values

Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse serves the multicultural community of Santa Fe Springs, including cities throughout Los Angeles County. Our mission is to save lives, unite families, and protect the community through addiction counseling and healthy living education. Read More...

Outpatient and Outreach Services

Adult treatment: crisis intervention, case management, individual and group sessions, special care for pregnant women and homeless persons.

Education prevention: hiv/aids street outreach, drug diversion classes, parenting classes/groups.

Youth treatment/prevention: life skills education class, drug and alcohol counseling, recreation activities, parent support groups.

Violence treatment/prevention: anger management classes, batterer’s treatment education.

Residential/Rehab Live-in Services

Allen House inpatient treatment and transitional housing for adults in structured sober living environments with comprehensive counseling services.

The New Vision Program is a six to twelve month residential multi-service center with comprehensive counseling and rehabilitation for adult men and women on parole.

What We're Up To..

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